Soil Association Organic Standard

What's in season?

Many people feel there is merit in eating more seasonally, either because it reduces food miles, because the food is fresher, or because it is a more natural way of living.

On Standfield Hall Farm, Pickering the soil is a medium-heavy loam. It's alkaline, it's very wet in winter, and it's in a frost pocket. We can get frosts as late as the second week of June and as early as the first week in September and so have to play to their strengths and grow what grows well for them.

For your interest, here's a table of our locally grown vegetables and when they are available in-season. Of course, most vegetables are available year round in our shop, brought in from other growers.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Broad Beans                        
Brussel Sprouts                        
Cabbage, pointed                        
Cabbage, white round                        
Cabbage, savoy & January King                        
Carrots (local)                        
Jerusalem Artichokes (dates tbc)                        
Curly Kale                        
Kohl Rabi                        
Potatoes, Pentland Javelin                        
Potatoes, Milva                        
Potatoes, Sante                        
Runner Beans (stringless)                        
Swiss Chard                        


 available from late in the month
 available throughout the month
 only available early in the month
 own-grown, but stored

Of course, this is only a general guide. Crops sometimes fail, and seasons may be late or early and it's all 'while stocks last'.