Our organic product range and prices

People new to our shop are often surprised by the range of items we stock, from the obvious fruit and veg through meat, dairy, bread and home baking .. even ice cream and toiletries, shampoos and soaps.

Inside the Organic Farm Shop, Pickering

Almost everyone we speak to thinks of organic food as being expensive. We think that's mainly because supermarkets know they can charge a premium. When we grow our own and deliver it direct to your home, it means we can provide good, wholesome food at excellent prices. Delivery also means you saved the time and fuel you'd otherwise spend shopping.

Our web developer checked out our prices versus his local supermarket for his weekly shop and found us to be 12% cheaper. Read the full story here.

Also .. we've all been in the situation in a supermarket where we want one item, a lemon or courgette for example, and been forced to buy three because that's how they are packed. We'll sell you, as far as possible, exactly what you want. No waste, no extra cost, and just a compostable paper bag for packaging. One chilli? One chilli it is. 100g mushrooms? No problem.

For now, we have downloadable price lists for vegetables, fruit, eggs and meat - see below. We know that's not exactly the best system, so we're building an online shop but it will be a few months before we can show you that (come back often, there are lots of great changes afoot).

Pricelists available for download in PDF format:

Vegetables * Fruit * Eggs (PDF)

Organic fish, poultry and meat (PDF)

The meat price guide is also available from the organic meat page which has a schedule for fresh meat in the shop.

There is a slightly unusual option which we will roll out across the site just for fun. If you click the picture above, you should be taken to a huge version of the image that you can scroll around. This one's not a great example (it's a little blurred), but you might get an idea of the range of produce and even see some prices. Hit the 'back' button on your browser to come back to the site.